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Hypnosis for Weight Loss 

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Hypnosis can help you understand unconscious obstacles that keep you from reaching your ideal weight, and change your relationship with food . Certainly, healthy diet and exercise are a must for success.  Here are some benefits of the hypnosis session:

  • Development of an “inner compass” to help support you and make changes.

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence through re-writing inner talk to  encouraging, affirming language.

  • Visualization of already having achieved your goal and feeling good about it, as well as preference of "good" foods. 

  • Accessing and partnering with the part of your unconscious that wants to make change, and lowering resistance to this change.

  • Understanding why you have needed to use weight as a tool (this one can be especially shocking and useful!)

  • Reframing the previous “use” of eating as a tool that can now be safely retired.

  • Visualization of the new, healthier “tools” for coping, navigating personal relationships, and communicating effectively.

  • Mental rehearsal to make using healthy tools more automatic.

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Each case is individual, Please contact Dr. Kostina to discuss best approach for YOUR challenging situation.


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